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Tracy Lord (20s) -- Daughter of the wealthy Philadelphia Lord family. Formerly married (briefly) to Dexter. Beautiful, willful, with a strong sense of what one should and shouldn't do.

C.K. Dexter Haven (30ish) -- Wealthy Philadelphian. Charming, roughish, and a bit too fond of the good things in life.

George Kittredge (mid-30s) -- Self-made man, former football player. Upstanding, handsome, and a bit of a stick in the mud. Engaged to Tracy.

Dinah Lord (15) -- Tracy's sister. Very honest, nosy, and her own person.

Sandy Lord (30ish) -- Tracy's brother. A wheeler-dealer who tries to save the family from scandal.

Margaret Lord (50ish) -- Mother of the family. Sylish and very together. Much more forgiving than Tracy. Estranged from husband.

Seth Lord (50ish) -- Father of the family. Handsome, worldly, whose indiscretions are bringing scandal to Philadelphia.

Uncle Willie Tracy (60s) -- Margaret's uncle. Speaks his mind. Very fond of the family, good cigars, and good drink (not necessarily in that order).

Macaulay "Mike" Connor (30s) -- A writer of fiction, working as a reporter for Destiny magazine. Good looking in a very approachable way. Prejudiced against the upper class and everything "Philadelphia" stands for.

Liz Imbrie (30s) -- An artist making her living as a photographer for Destiny. Is in love with Mike, although Mike doesn't know it. She is attractive and edgy. Gets by in a man's world on her wit.

A servant, Thomas.

Mac, the night watchman.