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MIT Campus Police Association
Labor Relations Update
To The MIT Campus Community:

Volume VIII
March, 2000

The MIT Campus Police Association is pleased to announce that its long-standing contract dispute with MIT has been favorably resolved. After two years of negotiations, a tentative agreement was reached on February 24, 2000, and was ratified by the Association's membership at a special meeting held on February 29, 2000. A Memorandum of Agreement was formally signed on March 14, 2000 memorializing all terms of agreement.

A central goal of the Association during the negotiations was to achieve more time off for officers to spend with their families and other loved ones. The centerpiece of the Agreement was a change in the work schedule under which officers will work a one-half hour longer work day in exchange for 16 additional days off during the work year. These extra days off will prove invaluable to officers in fulfilling their parenting and other personal responsibilities. At the same time, the MIT campus conununity will benefit from the longer work day, which allows for greater police coverage, particularly during the overlap period between shifts.

Although providing salary increases retroactive to July of 1997, the new Agreement extends forward through June of 2003. In addition to the change in work schedule and salary increases, the Agreement also provides enhanced job bidding rights, greater availability of compensatory time and personal time, protection from being called in to work on days off, and a limit on the length of overtime assignments, all of which were important parts of the Association's quality of life bargaining agenda.

The Association would like to publicly acknowledge the wonderful support it received from the students, faculty, and other employees of MIT during the last two years. Your words and actions in support of our cause contributed directly to the successful outcome achieved. We will continue to work hard to maintain a peaceful, safe, and orderly campus environment so that you may enjoy your time here.


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