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To Employees of MIT
Of Rights Under
The National Labor Relations Act


It is important for employees of MIT that the National Labor Relations Board is available to them if MIT has engaged in unfair labor practices. Under federal labor law, MIT must allow its employees to join a union if they wish, and must bargain in good faith with any union that has been selected by a majority of employees in an appropriate bargaining unit. Upon reaching agreement on a contract, MIT must sign and abide by that contract. Its failure to dos o will leave it liable under federal law.

In addition to protecting employees in a union setting, federal labor laws offers protection to employees even if they do not belong to a union. Under federal law, two or more employees may petition MIT over any working conditions, including salary adjustments, and not penalized for having done so. If MIT refuses to address the issues raised, such employees may peacefully publicize that refusal by leafleting or even picketing on MIT property and public property adjacent to MIT property. If MIT attempts to punish any employees for any of this activity, the National Labor Relations Board is empowered to intervenue on behalf of the employees to protect their rights. Furthermore, if the NLRB finds that a complaint by such employees is valid, it will suppy a lawyer to represent the employees at no cost to the employees.

If you believe that your rights to protection under federal labor law have been violated, or you just wish to learn more about your rights, you may do so by contacting the Officer of the Day at the following address

National Labor Relations Board
Region 1
10 Causeway Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02222-1072

A message from the MIT Campus Police Association.

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