Map of MIT with building 56 highlighted

From Mass Av to Building 56:

  1. Walk into MIT's main entrance, Lobby 7 (77 Massachuesetts Avenue)
  2. Walk straight down the Infinite Cooridor, all the way to the end, passing building 4 on your right. (This will bring you to the end of Building 8).
  3. Staying inside, turn left and proceed a short way.
  4. Turn right down a half flight of stairs.
  5. Go through open area, then turn right into building 16. Continue down the hall into build 56. Our room is 56-154.

From Kendall MBTA station to Building 26:

  1. Proceed on Main St toward Central Sq (away from the river).
  2. Turn left on Ames St.
  3. Proceed past long Biology building 68 on your right.
  4. Turn into building 66, which has a pointy end.
  5. Proceed straight through 66 (jog right), into building 56. Our room is 56-154.

From Vassar Street to Building 26:

  1. Enter on foot through the underpass between buildings 32 (Stata Center, Gehry design, corner of Main) and 36 (toward Mass Av on Vassar).
  2. Go into building 26 (on your right, past building 36). Continue to the end of the building, past 26-100.
  3. Turn left when you can into building 16. Continue to end of building and into building 56. Our room is 56-154.

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