Game Statistics

The pages display the following statistics:

  1. Average matchpoint percentage
  2. Standard deviation of matchpoint percentage
  3. Points toward Player of the Year (see below).
  4. Total points. You get 3 points for first, 2 for second, and 1 for third.
  5. Average points per session
  6. Average ranking
  7. Number of partners
  8. Attendance
For averaging statistics, players need a minimum number of samples to be eligible for those lists. That minimum sample is not well defined, but it is usually close to 20% of the total number of games for the player lists, and 10% for the pair lists.

Adjustments for individual events We adjust the ranking for an Individual event as follows. The top four players are reranked first; rank 4-8 are reranked second, etc. Points are assigned using the new rankings. This adjustment makes the statistics for an individual comparable to that of a pair or a team event.

Player of the Year The Draper Lab Bridge Club awards an annual Player of the Year. The award is based on total masterpoints earned at the club, except that the masterpoints earned are normalized so that big games (Unit Championship, GNP games) count the same as regular games.

The formula for player of the year race is as follows:

1. Points are awarded based on section performance. There are no bonus awards for overall performance / special games.

Section top is 0.10 per table. You only get credit for a half table if you sit in the same direction as the half pair.

The top 40% (rounded) get points.

2nd gets 70% of 1st

3rd gets 50% of 1st

4th (if allowed by the 40% rule) gets 35% of 1st

5th and lower (if allowed by the 40% rule) gets 1st divided by place (e.g., 8th gets 1/8 of 1st)

Ties are resolved by adding the number of points for each tied position and dividing by the number of entities tied. That is, if there is a tie for 3rd through 5th, all concerned get (0.50 + 0.35 + 0.20)/3 of 1st. This may result in the 40% rule being exceeded. (A tie for 3rd through 5th in an 8-table section would result in 5 pairs getting points.)

2. We use unhandicapped result for handicapped games.

3. Team games follow rules from (1).

4. For individual tournaments scored across the field, the follow formula applies. Ranks are normalized as follows: 1st-4th => 1st; 5th-8th => 2nd; 9th-12th => 3rd, etc. (1) is then used on the normalized ranks. That way, the same amount of masterpoints are handled out for team game / pair game of the same size.


Question: How often are the stats updated?

Answer: They are updated whenever new results are posted on the web page, which is usually once a week.

Question: I've played the minimum required games, my average matchpoint percentage is better than some of the players on the average matchpoint list, but I'm not on the list. What's going on?

Answer: Some of the games that you've played are non-matchpoint games, so that you haven't played enough matchpoint games to qualify for the matchpoint list.

Question: Can you post the total number of masterpoints earned?

Answer: No. Currently all the posted stats are extracted from the short recap in each game. The short recap does not include masterpoints information, and I won't be writing a parser for the long recap in the near future.

Question: What do I get for winning a category?

Answer: Winning a category earns you the right buy everyone a round of beer during postmortem at the pub.