So you want to be a DJ! Get some tips on how to hook up DJ equipment, then learn how to use it. How do you avoid blowing your speakers? What are beatmatching and scratching? What's the difference between techno and trance? All this and more from the MIT Dance Mix Coalition!

MIX.001 Speakers Inputs Cables Phonographs
Joshua Goldwitz, Chris Avrich, Daniel Lee
Gear, gear, gear! Planning on borrowing equipment in the future? Learn how to: plug mics into mixers, save speakers, set trim knobs, unkink cables, sample loops, balance tonearms, clean CDs and vinyl, replace phono cartridges, etc.
Tue Jan 13 7-8:30pm, W20-467

MIX.002 Cold Cuts and Mixatronics
Joshua Goldwitz, Chris Avrich, Daniel Lee
Beatmatching and scratching, the salt and pepper of gourmet mixes. Learn to savor smooth segues, drop in disparate dishes, blend beats and breaks, slice up samples, fricassee fat frequencies, annoy with alliterations!
Wed Jan 21 7-8:30pm, W20-467

MIX.003 Advanced Practice
Joshua Goldwitz, Chris Avrich, Daniel Lee
Now that you've got the basics, we'll look at more advanced techniques such as beat juggling, effects, and set programming. Get some more practice time on the wheels of steel while we lend kind words of encouragement.
Thu Jan 29 7-8:30pm, W20-467
Xenon Project was started by a recent DMC alumni, selling Radio Control Toys.