Past SHOW+TELL Events

FRIDAY NIGHT at 9pm Feb 13th 1997

Scheduled performances:

Right to Assemble Life: Steven Ryan showed his new 14 minute movie covering the now-famous and heavily litigated events at the abortion rally on the Boston Common.

Chicken Lament: In honor of those chickens who gave their lives for lack of an innoculation. Didjeridu played by Chicken aka Dave Allen. Things set on fire by Brett Barbaro.

Elected some officers to the Electronics Research Society
President: Michael Jacknis
Vice President: Toshi Hoo
Secretary: Mara Acosta
Treasurer:Tim Anderson
Amateur Psychotherapist: Ian Thal

Charity Election: Dan Martinez nominated the United American Indians of New England (UAINE) won the door receipts of $145.78

Unscheduled performances:

Ward Fleming, inventor of those boards of pins that hold the shape of any object pressed against them, showed a new hat he'd invented and video of various art installations.

Daniel Rosenberg ranted about the art of science demonstrations and showed various artifacts.

Isabel Rosenberg read a poem.

Priscilla showed her leaky urethane can foam sculpture.

Rebecca read about being raised in a communist theater troupe.

Vermin Supreme toyed with our fears with a clown-enema ballet.

Dan Martinez played, sang, and campaigned for the winning charity.

Ron Rosenman used his body as a musical feedback device in a dance performance.

Ian Thal read a story.

Sarah Smiley showed a video piece.

Pagan Kennedy announced an anti-war protest.

Sophie Mikes announced an installation art music event at the SMFA.

Past IAP Events

Performing Sculpture open house.

Weds, Jan 21, 1998, 7:30pm MIT room N52-115, 265 mass ave.

Come pet the robots at MIT Electronic Research Society's gallery of performing machines. Free and open to the public.

How to make a ride film in your garage.

When you're strapped to a moving platform that moves in sync to a projected image, you can feel what it's like to be an eagle swooping through the grand canyon. Or a flying packrat swooping through the halls of MIT. Use a motion-controller, motors and other sources of stimulus to move a chair in sync with video and audio, engage all th esenses.

Weds, Jan xx 1997, 7:30pm. register via email to Open to any 15 members of the human species.

Showmanship for performing Sculptures.

Learn how to get computer-controlled puppets to express themselves in an engaging and effective way. How to use a single axis of control to convey a wide range of emotions. How to get an electric motor to "shrug", "blink", and convey a wide range of emotions. Different ways of scripting, sequencing, and generating expressive motions.

Weds, Jan xx, 1997, 7:30pm. register via email to Open to any 15 human or synthetic beings.