The MITES Program benefits its participants in at least three ways:

  1. They acquire a deeper knowledge of the subject matter and higher-level cognitive and analytical skills — qualities that are essential in any professional career, but crucial in engineering and the sciences.

  2. They build confidence in their ability to tackle rigorous higher-level mathematics and science curricula.

  3. They forge a persistent and extended network of friends and allies that affirms both their achievement motivation and cultural identity.

MIT and other institutions of higher learning benefit from MITES as well. While the MITES participants are strong students already, the program challenges them at a much higher level and gives them the confidence they need to succeed in science and engineering at a top university. In each of the past two years, 40-50 MITES students joined MIT's incoming class the year following their participation in the program. Of the 64 students who attended MITES 2007, 41 (64% of the class) have enrolled at MIT this fall. Many of the others enrolled at Harvard, Stanford and Columbia universities, to name a few of their premier destinations. Most of these students would not have considered these highly selective institutions had they not participated in MITES.

Of 1,800 MITES alumni who have taken part in the program over the past 37 years, 34 percent (over 600 students) have matriculated to MIT. Those MITES students who attend MIT are consistently strong performers. Since its inception, the graduation rate of MITES alumni at MIT is as much as 12 percentage points higher than that of minority students who did not have the privilege of attending MITES. A recent analysis of two MIT cohorts found MITES students graduated with grade point averages comparable to the majority population.

Not surprisingly, MITES alumni distinguish themselves as leaders in academics, living groups, student government, athletic teams and student organizations at MIT and beyond. A number of these undergraduates also continue on to graduate programs at MIT and elsewhere. Over the years, MITES has developed a distinguished Alumni Base, including leading engineers, scientists, physicians, professors and entrepreneurs.

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