Several methods are used to recruit students to the MITES program.  MIT's Admissions Office promotes the MITES Program during visits to high schools across the country. Postcards are also mailed to high schools, both at the Institute's initiative and in response to requests from guidance counselors, students, and teachers. In addition, the MITES Executive Director works with program sponsors interested in reaching particular schools within their region. The Director also travels to these schools to introduce the MITES program to students and teachers. Students can submit an online or paper application to the MITES program.  A committee of MITES and MIT faculty, administration, students, and instructors select participants. To achieve the diversity objectives, the selection of the individuals to participate in the MITES program consider of a number of criteria. 

All individuals who are selected must be US citizens or permanent residents, and must demonstrate bright promise of ability and interest in science, engineering and technology. Additionally, they must demonstrate that they would benefit from and contribute to the program. These factors are assessed based on all or some combination of grades, PSAT or SAT test scores, extracurricular activities, essays and letters of recommendation.

Additional factors that are considered for selection as plus factors (not entry requirements) include whether:

•the individual would be the first in the family to attend college;

•there is an absence in the individual's family of science and engineering backgrounds;

•the individual's high school has historically sent less than 50% of its graduates to 4-year colleges;

•the applicant attends a school that presents challenges for success at an urban elite university (e.g., rural or predominantly minority); and/or

•the individual is a member of a group that is under-represented in the study and fields of science and engineering (African American, Latino or Native American).

Members of all races and ethnicities are considered. We look particularly for students who come from challenging backgrounds and those who must overcome significant odds to pursue their dreams of becoming an engineer or scientist.

NOTE: The MITES Office receives at least 1500-2000 applications each year. In many cases, the acceptance rate into the MITES Program is lower than the acceptance rate into MIT. Applicants should not link acceptance or rejection from the MITES program to the MIT admissions process. They are completely different processes and the goal of the MITES program is not to recruit students to MIT. The focus of the MITES Program is to provide a selected number of students with engaging and challenging educational experiences that prepare students to be successful in technical fields.

By submitting a MITES application students are automatically considered for one of three academic enrichment opportunities: a one-week residential program, a six-week residential program, and a six-month online enrichment program. Through these programs, the OEOP is able to serve a larger number of selected students from the growing pool of MITES applicants.

Each of these enrichment programs provides unique opportunities to engage in STEM activities with MIT students, staff and faculty. Each of these programs is 100% scholarship-based.

The following information is presented to give you a sense of the background of past MITES participants:

Geographic makeup:
In 2010, MITES students came from 22 states and Puerto Rico.

Arizona -1

Minnesota - 1

Oregon - 1

California - 8         

Montana - 1

Pennsylvania - 4

Colorado - 1

North Carolina - 2

Puerto Rico - 1

Florida – 8

Nebraska - 2

Tennessee - 1

Georgia – 4

New Jersey - 4

Texas - 8

Illinois – 6

Nevada - 1

Virginia - 3

Massachusetts - 7

New York - 8

Wisconsin - 1

Maryland - 3

Ohio - 1


Michigan - 2

Oklahoma - 1


Standardized tests scores:
PSAT scores were multiplied by ten for analysis


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