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Tuloy po kayo!

Welcome to the MIT Filipino Students Association's home on the Web.  Our purpose is to provide a social ground for all MIT individuals interested in Filipino culture and society.  Now that you have found us, please feel free to explore our Web pages.


What's happening:

  • FSA Dance Rehearsals: The club shall be meeting during the month of March and April and practice Tinikling and Binasuan. We would have some snacks on these meetings. They would be held at Porter Room in Burton Conner.
  • FSA Dance Performance(s):  On April 3, we finally get to show off our dance stuff during the Grains of Rice presentation. The Grains of Rice is a very nice presentation. Cultural clubs from MIT and surrounding universities shall present their respective dances and presentations followed by luscious and authentic international dinner. We would probably present again during I-Fair.
  • FSA Brunch: This is a general meeting of all members with FOOD. Help us cook original Filipino breakfast dishes and we guarantee you will love it.

Today's Post:

Congratulations to all our dancers who presented on the Grains of Rice show. You guys all did a good job! The tinikling dance went pretty well drawing loud cheers from the audience especially on the diamonds. The Binasuan dance also received a very warm applause from the audience and loud cheers from the MIT FSA members and the "cheer track". Overall, I am very proud of everybody considering the fact that we practiced for a very short amount of time.  


Coming soon:

  • Interested in what else is going on?  Take a look at our Events Calendar.

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This page was last updated on 04/03/2005