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(c) DN But prove yourselves doers of the
word, and not merely hearers
who delude themselves.
(James 1:22)


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is where we come together as an entire fellowship to worship with each other. At the end of a long and tiring week, it's always fun to relax and see your friends on Friday night.

The meetings typically involve praise/worship and a brief (30-40 minute) talk by a speaker. In the past, Christian MIT professors, InterVarsity staff, local pastors and community leaders, and nationally recognized evangelists have spoken to GCF. At the end, we enjoy fellowship around snacks and music.

We also have low-key events where we do something fun together, eat dinner, or hear from each other about our lives. Come join us -- we look forward to meeting you!


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We also meet informally for worship/prayer. If you need prayer and/or want to join us in prayer, let us know by contacting mit-gcf-steer.

*For some prayer-related materials, click here.


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in GCF are groups of 6-10 members who meet weekly to study the Bible, have fellowship, and pray with one another in a more relaxed and individual setting. We highly encourage you to join a small group. Come and join us in studying and growing together!

Check out the small groups page for a list of small groups, their leaders as well as meeting venues and timings.


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Every fall during Columbus Day weekend, and every winter during President's Day weekend, GCF goes on a retreat. We usually team with Christian Fellowships from Harvard and other Boston schools. Retreats are where we sit back and relax from our everyday pressures, get to know one another better, and immerse ourselves in God's word and spirit. Our favorite retreat location is Toah Nipi Christian Retreat Center in Rindge, NH.

In addition to our fall and winter retreats, we also have a leadership retreat at the end of summer. Not only is it great fun, but also we get to know more about our strengths and weaknesses, and how we can use our talents and interests to serve God's kingdom. Come with us and help shape GCF in the next year!

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