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(c) DN So I say to you: Ask and it will be given
to you; seek and you will find; knock
and the door will be opened to you.
(Luke 11:9)


(c) DN

The fastest way to contact us with questions or requests is to write at mit-gcf-info, or fill the form below (it will be sent to mit-gcf-info).

You can add or remove yourself from any of the GCF mailing lists listed below by filling out the form too.


a moderated general announcement list for all official GCF events


an unmoderated list for informal social activities, such as dinner, movie outings or sports


a lightly moderated list for the discussion of theology, books and articles


an unmoderated list for prayer reminders and sharing of prayer requests and answered prayers


(c) DN

This is our leadership – the people with official responsibilities in GCF for the year 2014/15:


Gerald Pho (gpho)

IVCF staff

Kevin Ford (ivcf)
Marianne Smith (designsmith123@yahoo.com)

Small Group

see the small group page


Melvis Chafac (melvisnc)



Please, fill this form if you want to join our mailing lists, submit a prayer request, write us a comment, or ask a question.



I live in:

(which dorm/off-camp.)

I study:

(or work at ...)

I would like to be added to (or removed from)
the following GCF mailing list(s):

   mit-gcf (general announcements – moderated)
   mit-gcf-fun (dinners, sports, movies – unmoderated)
   mit-gcf-discuss (theology, books, articles – lightly moderated)
   mit-gcf-prayer (prayer reminders, requests – unmoderated)


Your comments, questions or/and prayer requests:

I am interested in these GCF events:

     Large Group Meetings
     Small Group Meetings/Bible Studies
     Prayer Groups/Prayer Partners
     Social/Athletic Events
     Retreats and Conferences

Thank you for your time!

your Infocard or the data.

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