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(c) DN He has filled the hungry with
good things but has sent the
rich away empty.
(Luke 1:53)


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GCF people attend several local churches – Park Street (congregational), Hope Fellowship Church (baptist), Christ the King (presbyterian), Vineyard (non-denominational), and others. For a comprehensive list of local churches, see the UCO resources page, or this Google spreadsheet maintained by GCF-ers.

The UCO page also has contacts on MIT people in these churches. It's better not to go alone! The easiest way is to come to our Friday large group and ask people where to go and/or how to get there on Sunday...

There are several other Christian Fellowships at MIT! This link will bring you to the United Christian Organization (UCO) page with the fellowship descriptions and contacts.


(c) DN

(c) DN

Christianity makes some very strong claims, so it's only natural that you'd have some questions. If you'd like us to answer those questions, use our contact form. We'll put your questions, along with our answers, below to create a FAQ about Christianity.

Here are a few of the questions asked by skeptics (reproduced with permission and listed in order of submission) with answers written by GCF people.


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