What is the MIT Gospel Choir?

The MIT Gospel Choir is a Christian Gospel music singing group located at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, M.A. Founded over 35 years ago, we are dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song. For many years now, the MIT Gospel Choir has been and continues to be a diverse group, in age, ethnicity, and background. Our members are typically undergraduate or graduate students at MIT.

What kind of music do you sing?

We typically sing Contemporary Gospel music from Gospel artists such as Tye Tribbett, Kurt Carr, Hezekiah Walker, Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, and Richard Smallwood. We also sing spirituals, hymns and Christian-themed multi-cultural songs.

How often do you perform?

We host an on-campus concert at the end of each semester. Additionally, we may have a few additional performances as local churches or at MIT sponsored events (such as the MLK Breakfast and the Pulse Culture show, both in February).

How often do you rehearse?

We rehearse every week on Saturday afternoons for two hours. Currently, rehearsals are from 3:00pm-5:00pm and typically take place in room W20-301 (student center, third floor, room 301). Additionally, before performances, we may schedule an extra rehearsal as needed. Please check our rehearsal schedule page to view up-to-date information about upcoming rehearsals

How many members are in the choir?

The choir currently has about 30 members spread across all vocal parts.

When does the choir accept new members?

New members typically join the choir near the beginning of each semester, but late-comers are always welcome at anytime during the semester.

How can I join?

You can join by simply attending our rehearsals and speaking with our leadership team about joining. You can also email gospel-request (at) mit.edu to speak with our leadership team about joining.

Do I have to audition?

The MIT Gospel Choir is a non-auditioning group. We have some members with lots of prior singing experience and some with very little prior singing experience. So, don't worry about your singing ability and just come join us!

Can I come to rehearsal before making a commitment?

Absolutely! Feel free to attend our rehearsal to get a feel for what the choir is like and if you want to join.

Are there a limited number of spots for new members?

No, there is no limit on the number of new members that we accept each semester. Unlike some other singing groups on campus, there are no "spots" that potential members compete for. If you would like to sing with us, then come join us!

How much singing experience do I need to join?

We have some members with lots of prior singing experience and some with very little prior singing experience. So, don't worry about your singing ability and just come join us!

What if I can't attend all the rehearsals?

We ask our members to strive to attend as many rehearsals as possible, especially right before our end-of-semester concert. However, we understand that there will be times when members will have to miss rehearsals. In these situations, we ask that our members promptly notify the leadership team about expected absences before each weekly rehearsal.

If you are not sure if your specific schedule would fit with the choir's rehearsal schedule, please contact our leadership team to discuss your specific situation.

Can I still join if I'm not a Christian?

The Gospel Choir welcomes anyone who wishes to be a part of the choir, regardless of their religion. However, gospel music has a focused message which is inevitably linked to the Christian message and lifestyle. As a Christian group on campus, our rehearsals include times of prayer and scripture readings.

How can musicians be involved with the choir?

We welcome musicians who would like to be involved with the choir and perform with us. Whether you play piano, drums, bass, guitar, violin, flute, etc...we would love to find a place for you to perform with us at our concerts or singing engagements. Please email our leadership team at gospel-request (at) mit.edu to discuss your potential involvement.

How can I book the choir for a singing engagement?

Please visit our booking page for more information about booking the choir.

How can I contact the choir?

Please visit our contact page for more information about contacting the choir.

How can I stay informed about the choir?

We have a mailing list for people/groups who want to receive news about the choir, including concert announcements and select singing engagement. Please email gospel-request (at) mit.edu and say that you would like to be put on our "gospel choir news" mailing list. Please include your email address and full name in the email.

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