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MRI Team

  John D.E. Gabrieli, Ph.D.   Gabrieli directs the research and administrative activities of the Center, providing executive-level leadership and oversight to the Center's operations.  
  Grover Hermann Professor in Health Sciences and Technology and Cognitive Neuroscience  
  Office: 46-4033B  
  Telephone: (617) 253-8946  
  Email: gabrieli at mit dot edu  
  Website: Gabrieli Laboratory  
  Christina Triantafyllou, Ph.D.   Triantafyllou is the Center's Associate Director and MR physicist. She is responsible for the general operation of the facility, including consultation with users on MR physics, experimental design, and development of new acquisition techniques. Examples of some of her current activities include protocol optimization, development of advanced MR imaging methods, including parallel imaging and high-resolution fMRI, pulse sequence programming, and novel image reconstruction design and development.  
  Associate Director    
  Research Scientist, MR Physicist    
  Office: 46-1165    
  Telephone: (617) 324-2706    
  Email: ctrianta at mit dot edu    
  Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli   Whitfield-Gabrieli works closely with MIT investigators at the Center on post-acquisition analyses of data, developing quantitative methods to analyze data from fMRI, DTI, and ERP; utilizing multimodal imaging techniques to investigate functional and anatomical connectivity; and exploring novel approaches to multimodal integration. In addition to consulting with individual PIs and users, she regularly conducts group trainings and offers courses on Advanced and Basic SPM.  
  Research Scientist, Image Analysis
  Office: 46-4041
  Telephone: (617) 324-2893
  Email: swg at mit dot edu    
  Website: Brain Imaging Tools    
  Steven Shannon, R.T. (R)(MR)   Shannon coordinates the daily activities of Center users, which includes conducting safety trainings, teaching users how to operate the scanner and related equipment, performing quality assurance scans and measurements, and coordinating all facilities-related issues.  
  Operations Manager and MR Research Technologist  
  Office: 46-1171  
  Telephone: (617) 324-2702  
  Email: sshannon at mit dot edu  
  Sheeba Arnold Anteraper, M.S.   Anteraper is responsible for system administration and database engineering, including installing, configuring, and upgrading hardware and software; managing file systems and monitoring server performance; setting up fMRI peripherals and backup systems; and maintaining the scanner time-schedule. She also develops software for image processing and applications, and assists in scanning and conducting daily quality assurance procedures.  
  MR Programmer  
  Office: 46-1171  
  Telephone: (617) 324-2703  
  Email: sheeba at mit dot edu  



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