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Scheduling and Cancellation Policies & Procedures [pdf]


Purpose:  The purpose of this document is to outline the policies & procedures for scheduling and canceling imaging time at the Martinos Imaging Center.

I.  Scheduling Policies & Procedures

The Martinos Imaging Center scheduling system has been designed to maximize flexibility for users.  Each lab can choose to have a weekly scan-block and/or flexible hours:

  • Weekly scan-blocks: Weekly scan-blocks are regular time slots assigned to the PI for scanning each week.  Weekly scan-blocks are assigned by ScanTime admin as per requests from PIs and are valid for 3 months only.  After the 3 month period, scan-blocks must be renewed.
  • Flexible hours: Once weekly scan-blocks have been assigned the flexible hours are available to everybody as “OPEN” slots on the schedule ( and are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.  The MRI Team will announce when these slots are available to everyone via a message to mri-all.

II.  Cancellation Policies & Procedures
1.  General Cancellation 

  • Weekly scan-blocks: Each group is responsible for the usage of their weekly scan-blocks.  Blocks cannot be cancelled; however they can be exchanged with another group if they cannot be used.  ScanTime admin will not be involved in finding users to fill weekly scan-blocks or tracking exchanges between users.  It is the responsibility of the researchers to keep track of all cancellations and changes for billing purposes.
  • Flexible hours: If for any reason you cannot use your flexible-hour slot you must cancel 72 hours in advance. (NOTE: This does not apply to the weekly scan-blocks.)

2.  Last minute cancellations due to: Emergencies, inclement weather and subject no-shows

  • No scheduling changes can be made directly to the scheduling system by users; only ScanTime admin has access to make such changes.
  • An email has to be sent to mri-all to notify users of scanner availability.
  • An email has to be sent to mri-team with the reason for cancellation.
  • The group that uses the canceled time pays for the slot.
  • If slot went unused, be sure to note this on your monthly bill before returning it to Emily Wilkoff.

3.  If the scanner is down

  • Both scan blocks and flexible hours are not charged.

4.  Use it or lose it policy

  • For reasons other than 1, 2 and 3, blocked hours and flexible hours are chargeable even if it is not used or used only partially.

5.  Trading slots

  • Both blocked and flexible slots can be swapped with (or given to) other researchers, but no changes can to be made to ScanTime by users.
  • It is the responsibility of the researchers to keep track of the changes for billing purposes.
  • As in 4, if only part of the slot is given to another lab, the lab that gave away the time is responsible for charges on unused time.  All labs are responsible for keeping track of their usage and their switches. 

6.  Assignment of weekly scan-blocks

  • Weekly scan-blocks are assigned 4 times a year for three month intervals.
  • Scan-block requests for a quarter are assigned during the first 7 days prior to that quarter (December 1-7th, March 1-7th, June 1-7th, and September 1-7th).
  • The quarterly calendar for flexible hours will be made avaiable to all users on the 8th of the month at 10am.
    • December 8 for January through March
    • March 8 for April through June
    • June 8th for July through September
    • September 8th for October through December

7.  Billing 

  • It is the responsibility of PIs to keep track of all scheduling changes for billing purposes. This includes cancellations and trading or exchanging slots with other researchers.  
  • If you have a question or dispute about any of the charges, please contact Emily Wilkoff in McGovern headquarters (ewilkoff@MIT.EDU).

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