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Mentoring and Advising

Postdoctoral Mentoring and Advising Toolkit
Information and forms designed to assist the training of postdoctoral researchers and to be helpful to mentors/advisors, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Postdoctoral Associates.

See Vice President for Research Update regarding MIT’s mentoring requirement. This requirement was also referenced in the FY2012 Letter to Deans from Vice President for Research Claude R. Canizares

Mentoring at MIT: MIT’s diversity and inclusion website, “Inventing Our Future” includes a series of links and resources about mentoring.  

Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty
Chapter 5, Mentoring and Being Mentored (pdf)
 (Burroughs Wellcome Fund and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute)

Mentoring and Career Development
The Office of the Vice President for Research has sponsored two research practice seminars on this topic. Postdocs and faculty members enjoyed brief presentations and lively discussions to share information and exchange ideas about successful mentoring and career development for postdocs. Each table had one trained postdoc designated as the facilitator, and an administrator who took notes. After discussing one question as a starting point, participants were encouraged to discuss other issues of interest. Participants were reminded about MIT’s Postdoctoral Mentoring and Advising Toolkit, information and forms designed to be helpful for both postdoctoral researchers and their mentors/advisors. We hope people will launch discussions on these topics within their research groups or in other forums.

Information and notes from the two sessions held for postdocs and faculty members are available to the MIT community with a valid MIT Certificate.