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Professional Development Presentations

Materials are available from previous presentations for postdocs. Note, additional presentation slides may be found on the Past Seminars page.
Seminar themes have broken out into two broad categories:

Career Exploration and Job Searches

Being an Effective and Well Balanced Professional

Reference Guides

Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty
This is a collection of practical advice and experiences from biomedical investigators, based on courses held in 2002 and 2005 by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Making the Right Moves, (Complete booklet; download or order; free)
Chapters include the following:
3, Laboratory Leadership in Science
5, Mentoring and Being Mentored
6, Time Management
7, Project Management
8, Data Management and Laboratory Notebooks 

Enhancing the Postdoctoral Experience for Scientists and Engineers: A Guide for Postdoctoral Scholars, Advisers, Institutions, Funding Organizations, and Disciplinary Societies. This free online publication was produced by National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine, and is published by the National Academies Press.

National Postdoctoral Association International Postdoc Survival Guide

On Being a Scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research: Third Edition: This free download (plus related video and podcast) describes the ethical foundations of scientific practices and some of the personal and professional issues that researchers encounter; includes hypothetical scenarios and guidance. Produced by the Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy, National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine and published by the National Academies Press, 2009.

Other Resources

MIT Global Education and Career Development’s online Resources and Tools — includes videos of career-related presentations and the Career Development Handbook (with information related to career planning, academic pathways, and the job search, including CV, resume, and cover letter guidance).

The Professional Development Video Portal (PRO-DEPOT) — a compilation of MIT videos geared toward professional development, including of some sessions offered through the Office of the Vice Presentation for Research.  (Maintained by the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education.)

ACADEX – MIT Center for Excellence — although designed for undergraduates, useful online resources include information on time management and on maintaining academic integrity (guidelines for citing sources, writing original work, collaborating, and other).

From Ph.D. to Professoriate: The Role of the Institution in Fostering the Advancement of Postdoc Women (pdf) — The National Postdoc Association conducted a review of challenges facing postdoc women on the academic career path, and summarizes these findings along with some helpful practices and suggestions. Information for scientists and would-be scientists at all levels. “The goal of the site is help students to prepare for the changing demands of today's job market and to provide a voice for early career scientists.”

Doctors Without Orders: Survey on Postdoc Success, Sigma Xi Society