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Vice President for Research Update

The Vice President for Research periodically updates the community on policies and procedures related to postdocs. Below please find summary information related to salary thresholds, health benefits for Postdoctoral Fellows, and mentoring requirements, based on previous communications from the Vice President for Research (April 2014).


We have an outstanding population of approximately 1400 postdocs at MIT and it is important that they be financially supported at a level that enables them to have a productive and rewarding experience at the Institute.

Salary Levels for Postdocs
MIT’s minimum salary and stipend rates for postdocs are consistent with those set by NIH for the Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) stipends.  The NIH salary scale shown below (announced February 10, 2014) should be used to establish the correct minimum salary for postdoctoral appointments based on years of experience. 

Years of Experience








7 or more

Stipend for 2014

$42,000 $43,680 $45,432 $47,244 $49,128 $51,096 $53,148 $55,272

The ranges for one or more years of experience should be used as guidelines for postdoc salaries and stipends. All salaries should meet the level for the appropriate years of experience and every postdoc should receive a salary increase annually. New rates should be implemented as annual appointments are renewed.


Health Benefits for Postdoctoral Fellows

We are committed to equalizing the cost of health insurance between postdoc fellows and associates so that both categories pay the same amount as a personal contribution.  As the chart below with January 2014 rates indicates, there are two cases in which postdoc fellows are required to pay more for coverage than postdoc associates on an annual basis.  The categories of Individual and Individual with Spouse coverage require a larger personal contribution for Fellows.  We ask that, if the institutional allowance on the fellowship does not cover the difference in the contribution, that PIs or departments provide funds in these cases.

Coverage Tier

Postdoc Associates
MIT Traditional Health Plan

Postdoc Fellows
MIT Affiliate Plan
and Extended Insurance






Individual and Spouse (or Spousal Equivalent)





Mentor Plans

Postdocs and their supervisors should plan for an introductory meeting to set overall goals and construct a mentoring plan. In addition, postdocs should have an annual review to evaluate overall progress toward meeting goals. The annual renewal of appointments should include a progress report on the career development plan including future goals that is co-signed by both the postdoc and advisor and reflects an in person meeting between them. A basic outline for a mentoring plan, suggested template for an annual review, and other related resources are part of the Postdoctoral Mentoring and Advising Toolkit.