MIT Pistol & Rifle Club

The MIT Pistol and Rifle club is a recreational target-shooting club for the MIT community.

Note: this is not the undergrad intercollegiate pistol team, they're over here: MIT Sport Pistol Club.

Also note: this is also not the MIT Varsity Rifle Team, they're over here: MIT Varsity Rifle.

We meet to practice at the MIT Pistol Range on Tuesday evenings (usually at 6:30), followed by GBPL matches during the season. The club is also active at the range on most Sunday afternoons. If you want to come shoot with us, you need to either be a guest of a specific member or a member of the club yourself. (See below for more info about membership.)

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Pistol Marksmanship Classes: next class May 01, 2016

Our next Basic Pistol and Marksmanship Class is being offered as a one-day class, starting at 9:30am and running for 8 hours with a one hour break for lunch.

This course is only open to members of the MIT community at this time.

The class fee is $125. This includes tuition, all course materials, ammunition, and range fees.

This class is suitable for the complete beginner, but with enough depth to teach the basics of good pistol marksmanship as well. It satisfies the Massachusetts state requirements for firearms training for an FID or LTC application, as well as the NRA's Basic Pistol curriculum and the MIT Pistol and Rifle Club's membership requirement for safety training.

There is also a mailing list for information and announcements about the class. To be added to the list, visit this web page:

If you have any further questions, send us mail

2015-2016 Membership renewals:

2014-2015 memberships expired on 31 August, 2015. The new membership form is available right here. If you wish to receive an application in the postal mail, please email us. If you plan to shoot in the Greater Boston Pistol League as a member of the MITPRC team, you can include the GBPL fee ($10) with your membership fee and just write one check.

USA Shooting 10 Meter Air Pistol Matches

MITPRC sponsors monthly air pistol matches from fall through spring. These are "preliminary try-out" matches, sanctioned by USA Shooting, the governing body in the US for international shooting sports. Shoot well enough here, and you're on your way to the Olympic Games.

Watch this space (or the USAS web site) for listings for next year.

DAPER Range Access:

After much discussion with DAPER, the access fee has been agreed to $75 per year for a special DAPER access card which can be used for range access only.

Members who otherwise have full DAPER athletic facilities privileges (mandatory and already paid for for current MIT students, subject to a fee much higher than $75 for others), or who only shoot outdoor rifle events with the club, don't need this card.

Regardless of having to pay a fee or not, if you're arranging access through the club you will need to fill out a Liability Waiver. (Download and print or ask the secretary for a copy). Send the waiver and your fee to the club secretary at the club's PO box. If you've had a card from previous years, there's no need to get a new card; once you've submittted the paperwork your card will be renewed for another year's worth of access.

Other Application Forms and Information

Our documents are finally on the web:

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