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Biosensor Designer for IIH


90% of all medical devices sent to developing countries fail within 6 months, because they were never designed to operate in those environments. Appropriate biomedical technology is an important and comparatively unexplored field of engineering compared to other developing world technologies. We are developing a set of field deployable prototyping kits for doctors and healthcare workers in poor countries to create their own medical devices. An important part of the project involves the design of a platform for measuring vital signs, connecting them with telemedicine instruments, and applying them to simulation technologies that allow doctors to practice emergency scenarios such as C-sections and intubations.

The Challenge

We have an opening for 2 motivated UROPs to assist the project in designing, prototyping, and testing a series of biomedical sensors that collect physiological parameters such as:

Successful designs will plug and play with the rest of our prototyping platform and will be easily embeddable in conventional medical devices (stethoscopes, bandages, pregnancy belts) and unconventional objects (stuffed animals, inhalers, objects in daily life that will interact with patients).

Qualifications, Preferences, Assets

Experience with designing, prototyping (such as Arduinos) testing and debugging electronic circuits (e.g. embedded systems combining analog circuitry, digital circuitry, microcontrollers and wireless communications). Experience with wireless sensors or protocols helpful (e.g. Bluetooth, ZigBee)

- Good communication skills
- Experience working on open-source projects helpful
- An interest in international development and medical technology

Time Constraints

This is a fall position with the opportunity to continue in the IAP and spring.

Jose Marquez Gomez
D-Lab Medical Instructor

PKG Center Support

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