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Providing mobile healthcare and education to children

momedx, collaborating with Family Scholar House,

Location: Boston, MA & Louisville, KY


momedx is a Boston-based startup that is creating highly innovative technology for intuitively defining customized, flexible protocols in the clinical setting, offering ways for clinicians and patients to share data using mobile technologies. Founded by an MIT PhD (Neuroscience, Course 9) and former staff member of the IDEAS competition, the company’s technology is based on original research in visual neuroscience conducted at MIT.

momedx is collaborating with Family Scholar House (FSH), a non-profit serving the Louisville, Kentucky area. FSH provides housing and step-by-step mentoring and support to single-parent households whose breadwinner is pursuing a college degree. One key aspect of the support provided to these families is medical care, which is the focus of our collaboration.

The Challenge

Due to local environmental and other factors, the children in the families served by Family Scholar House have a very high prevalence of asthma (almost 70% of the child population) and other chronic health conditions. Improper usage of medications, inadequate preventive measures, and lack of early intervention lead to frequent emergency room visit, where symptoms are treated, instead of the root issues.  These frequent trips to the hospital affect the health of the children and the ability of the degree-seeking parent to concentrate on their studies as well as the ability to faithfully attend classes.

Family Scholar House provides regular medical workshops in person, but the resources are inadequate to sustain the level of supervision that would lead to a much higher impact. momedx is providing a technological solution to greatly broaden the impact of FSH’s medical intervention. We are seeking the talents of MIT students to help us:
(1) determine the best workflow to coordinate the use of technology with the clinical staff;
(2) monitor project progress and calculate success metrics;
(3) assess areas of the technology needing improvement;
(4) identify new opportunities for the expansion of similar offerings to other clinical settings.

This is a perfect opportunity for someone who wants to get into the field of health technology from the perspective of implementation in real-world settings. 

Qualifications, Preferences, and Assets

This position requires proficiency in the use and understanding of mobile technologies (smartphone, iPad), though it requires no particular software development experience. Strong oral and written communication skills are a must; good analytical skills are also required. Any experience in project management or coordination is a plus. Applicants should be reliable, responsive, and professional.

Time Constraints

This project is on-going, starting around mid-November. A part-time commitment during the late-Fall and Winter semester is desirable. A near full-time commitment around IAP is preferred. Some travel to Louisville may be optional and will likely be for just a few days.


Yuri Ostrovsky
CEO/Founder, momedx


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