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Medication Administration Computer Program

Resources for Human Development (RHD)
Medford, Massachusetts (USA). The office is a fifteen minute walk from the Davis Square T station. (note-- This is the website for the national organization. The project would be working with the Boston branch only. We do not currently have our own website. Our art studio, Outside the Lines Studio, has a website at


Resources for Human Development (RHD) is a non-profit organization that provides residential and employment opportunities for adults with dual diagnoses of mental illness, developmental disabilities and/or physical disabilities. RHD operates 18 group homes in the greater Boston area and runs an art studio where adults with disabilities create and sell their art. We provide support in all areas and facets of the lives of the people we serve, promoting their independence in daily routine, self-care, and personal accomplishment. Our organization is constantly growing and expanding, now serving 84 individuals and employing over 200 staff members. Our offices are located in Medford, next to the Tufts athletic fields and a 15 minute walk from the Davis Square T station.

The Challenge

We are interested in the creation of a comprehensive medical database on each client that includes information about appointments, doctors, medication history, and current medications. There is a set of forms and documentation procedures surrounding medical care and medication administration that is mandated by the Department of Public Health in concert with the Department of Developmental Services.

From the database, these forms could be generated and integrated so that each client’s information and history is consistent and accurate. A simple computer program was created by a member of the community several years ago. However, it has many limitations, has not been updated in years, and is susceptible to user errors that can result in medication delivery mistakes. Within RHD, we do not have anyone with the computer expertise to address the problems. An improved and more comprehensive system would better ensure that the people we serve receive the proper medications, doses, and general care.

A student working on this project would gain insight into the daily workings of a non-profit organization and the way medical care is conducted in health and human services. The student will get to work one-on-one with members of a human services organization and tackle a problem that effects all agencies in Massachusetts serving individuals with developmental disabilities.

Qualifications, Preferences, and Assets

Computer programming skills
Basic knowledge of medication administration language (dosage, route of delivery, frequency), which can be easily attained or provided by our staff.

Time constraints

This is a general need that we would welcome help at any time.


Leach Forrest
Environmental Design Specialist
70 Colby St, Medford, Ma 02155

Susan Burnham
70 Colby St, Medford, Ma 02155
617-225-0212 (office)

PKG Center Support

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