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Help a Social Enterprise Empower Consumers To Change The World!


SoChange is a Social Enterprise founded out of MIT that helps consumers directly impact the causes they care about by supporting socially and environmentally responsible businesses. By tracking financial transactions our website shows consumers that WE have the power to convince companies that they should take care of the environment and local communities by proving that we will support companies if we know it will have a DIRECT impact on the issues we care about.

By coordinating purchases to support causes we convince businesses to hire at-risk youth from the community, make their operations more energy efficient, feed the hungry by catering local food kitchens or take action on another cause that consumers care about impacting.

The Challenge

We are looking for a passionate with desire to have a real impact on our organization from day one. We need a front-end developer to help us make the adjustments our users are asking for and help ensure we continue to grow into the game-changing platform that so many believe we can be. If you are interested in learning how a startup pivots to respond to user feedback and implement data driven development to ensure the features you are implement will have the greatest impact on your websites objectives than this internship is for you.

You will work directly with founder Mike Norman who recently completed his MBA at MIT Sloan and technical lead Mike Isman, a senior developer with 8 years of professional software engineering experience including 5 years working with Ruby on Rails. You will also have the opportunity to work with and learn from Dan Ritz, one of Boston’s leading User Experience Designers. There is no better way to learn how a web startup iterates fast to test hypotheses than jumping in with two feet, and we will be here to help you swim!

Qualifications, Preferences, and Assets

We need a developer who is proficient in HTML/CSS. A basic knowledge of Javascript and Ruby on Rails or an interest in learning them would be preferred

Time constraints

The project will be in constant development and change iteratively as we collect feedback from our users. We will need a minimum of 8 hours a week for the spring semester to consider integrating you into our team.


Mike Norman, Founder
401 477 3647
21 jefferson st #2 Cambridge MA -2141

PKG Center Support

MIT students who develop projects around these ideas may apply for support from the Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center's Fellowships or Grant programs. Please check the program descriptions and deadlines and talk to program staff to determine which is most appropriate for your needs and project.

If you want to volunteer or you have funding from outside the PKG Center that enables you to work on this project, that's great! However, please do let us know if you work on a project you saw advertised here, even if you don't use our funds. And remember, the PKG Center staff are happy to advise on service projects even if we are not funding them ourselves.

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