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Civic Engagement

What is civic engagement?

Civic engagement is the interaction between you and your community, your government, and your society. Civic engagement allows you to make a difference through participating in activities and efforts such as attending a political rally, advocating on behalf of the homeless in Cambridge, or registering to vote.

Many students today are involved in public service and community work because they have an interest in local and global issues. Through civic engagement, you have the chance to be a participant and a leader. So what are you waiting for? Get out there! And don’t forget to vote!

Voting and election information

Obtain information about voter registration from

Find detailed information on the voting process, including information on polling locations, absentee voting, and more from

Explore a U.S. state-by-state breakdown of voter registration deadlines:

Civic engagement groups on MIT’s campus

Many student groups on campus address political, governmental, and issue activism-related topics. Here’s a sampling of groups at MIT:

Amnesty International:
Association for India’s Development - MIT:
College Democrats @ MIT:
MIT College Republican Club:
Global Poverty Initiative:  
Global Zero at MIT:
MIT Model UN:
MIT Pro-Life:
MIT Students for Bhopal:
MIT Students for Israel:
Science Policy Initiative:
Society for Open Science:
Stop Our Silence:
Student Health Advisory Committee:
Western Hemisphere Project:
Women’s Initiative:

Volunteering with civic causes

There are many state and federal government offices, political organizations, and candidate and issue campaigns in the Greater Boston area that rely on volunteers to get much of their work done. Some offer internships for college students, usually requiring a commitment of a semester and a minimum number of hours per week. Others may be more flexible. Pick an office that intrigues you, and call them to find out more.

Nonprofit organizations are also allowed to spend a portion of their time on issue advocacy and political activism. Contact us at for assistance in finding a civic engagement opportunity that matches your skills, interests, and time constraints.