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Help the Bethlehem Project evaluate their Immigration Integration Program

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The Bethlehem Project, the National Immigration Forum's integration program, works with businesses to assist their eligible immigrant employees with the citizenship process. This project meets the needs of low to moderate income immigrants who are legal permanent residents (LPR's) and eligible for naturalization. Our unique model brings citizenship to the workplace, involves businesses in the integration process and assists LPR's who would not normally be able to naturalize without the support of their employers. We are active in five cities; including Washington D.C. (headquarters), Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego and San Jose.

The Challenge

The Bethlehem Project is rapidly growing. Since launching in January 2013, we have already partnered with 53 businesses, served roughly 1,000 or more employees and taken steps to expand to additional cities. We seek an evaluation and analysis of our current program with recommendations for moving forward. We do not currently have the resources to hire a staff member with this level of expertise. We invited an MIT student to help us with a pilot program assessment at the 6 month mark, which was very helpful; however, since this mark we have added two sites and 25+ business partners. Poised for further growth, we welcome additional analysis at the one and a half year mark to assess our model and implement the previous evaluation.

We hope to use the results of this assessment to streamline project operations, implement best practices and re-evaluate our expectations, goals and performance measures. We will connect the student to partners in each of our sites for interviews and event observations. As the student takes ownership of the evaluation, they will also have access to our tracked program data, support from our Washington D.C. office and other resources necessary to grasp the full breadth of our program.

Qualifications, Preferences, and Assets

An ideal candidate will have technical skills in program monitoring and evaluation and will have familiarity with non-profit work and/or immigration services. Spanish language skills are appreciated, but only English is required.


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