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Help the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Latin America with evidence-based analysis to use data more effectively and better serve clients

Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS)

Mexico City, Mexico


IMSS is the largest social security institution in Latin America, serving around 50 million people with over 3,000 hospitals, clinics and daycare centers and 420,000 employees. Every day, 2 million people walk into an IMSS facility for health, child care, pensions and recreational purposes. We have presence all over the country and serve urban, rural, middle class and poor households alike.

The Challenge

We face important challenges transforming this 70-year-old institute into an efficient, modern, user-friendly and cost-effective service provider. One of the ways we intend to do it is by making better use of our data. The institute collects vast amounts of data on its operations and beneficiaries, but we are only now starting to use it to plan more strategically, improve our processes and provide better information to our users.

The student(s) will have exposure to high-level decision-makers and gain experience in a real-world setting. They would be working for one of three units: the Strategic Planning Unit, the Innovation and Technology Development Unit, or the Revenue and Affiliation Unit. The three units work conjunctly on many projects, which are interdisciplinary by nature. Potential ongoing projects the student(s) could work in include:

  1. Develop a GIS tool to locate the areas most in need of healthcare facilities;
  2. Analyze our daycare data to help us find the "ideal" healthcare center upon which to base our expansion of daycare centers (use of GIS to inform that expansion is also an option);
  3. Analyze geo-referenced revenue data to identify potential tax evaders;
  4. Create apps that help our beneficiaries find the nearest clinic, compare services, make appointments
  5. Develop a tool to better extract and process data from different data sources.

The challenges IMSS faces are only eclipsed by the potential impact of our actions. We expect hard work and high quality work from our interns. All three supervisors have studied in the United States, and one supervisor is an MIT Alum!

Qualifications, Preferences, and Assets

All candidates are expected to have basic Spanish and statistical analysis skills. Programming, data management, analytics, econometrics, GIS, economics or enterprise architecture are highly desirable. 

While the challenge is relatively defined, the particular way of addressing each issues it is not. We are open to working with small (2-3 person) teams as well as individuals.  We are also open to project proposals not listed above if they will help transform data into information.

Time constraints

Duration of the project will depend on the applicant's availability and performance, with a minimum of 8 weeks. Work prior to or after the summer internship is possible.


Daniel Broid, Coordinator, Strategic Planning Unit
(+52)55 5238-2700 ext. 10122

Alternative contact:
Christian Norton, Senior Advisor, Strategic Planning Unit

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