Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center

MIT Performance Management Fellow


Medellin, Colombia


Software design, performance management, data systems, data analytics, graphic design


Avnish Gungadurdoss, Managing Partner


Three months (June-August) with possibility of prep work ahead of the field experience

Position overview

Instiglio brings accountability to social projects in developing countries by linking the funding of those projects to the impact they have on improving people's lives. The MIT Fellow will design and develop a modular and dynamic technology-based performance management system to help us and our investors track the results of our social service providers in real-time. You will be expected to get your hands dirty from the word "go." You will be intimately involved in developing the technological side of the "bread and butter" of the organization - helping service providers develop powerful feedback loops that enhance their implementation strategies in real-time through strategic and automated recording, observing and analyzing of key performance indicators. Your initial responsibility will be to work with our service provider in one of the world's first Development Impact Bonds project to design and implement a performance dashboard and the accompanying data collection and data analytics processes and tools. You will thus help introduce best practices from the private sector to the social sector in a contextualized and human-centered way.

The MIT Fellow will be joining our small, passionate team committed to ensuring that every cent spent to alleviate poverty ultimately improves people's lives. We don't shy away from asking the hard questions that have yet to be answered and look for that same curiosity and drive in everyone that joins our team. As the MIT Fellow you'll gain valuable experience in applying technology as a tool to enhance the impact of international development efforts. By designing and implementing a performance management system powered by technology, you'll learn first-hand what it takes to build software for development practitioners that use data-driven insights to drive results.


Logistics of the Fellowship program

This is an unpaid fellowship between June-August, although stipends might be available specifically for Colombia postings from the MIT Center for Public Service via the MIT Club of Colombia Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center Fund. If possible, fellows can start working on a part-time basis in April and transition to full-time in June.

If you are interested in applying to our Fellowship programs, please send a cover letter and resume to Avnish at The application deadline is February 28. We look forward to working together with you to help improve social programs around the world by tying funding to results!

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