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Designing and Launching “affordable” mobile-enabled health services in Bangladesh and India


Click Diagnostics (Click) is a social enterprise born out of MIT Media Lab with the mission to improve healthcare services for over 1 billion underserved people through mobile health technologies, front-line health workers, and private-public partnerships.

Click was the 2008 MIT 100K Development Track winner. Since then, Click has piloted mobile healthcare services in more than 10 countries in Africa, South Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and North America offering maternal, newborn, and child healthcare (MNCH), cancer screening, skin disease diagnosis for HIV+ patients, and pre/post surgery care.

The Challenge

Our organization needs to improve our current technology, process, and marketing of our services.

There are two projects available. Applications to both are welcome. Projects in other countries (the Philippines, Kenya, China) are open for discussions for those who are interested.

Maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH) program innovation in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh has one of the lowest maternal mortality rates (MMR) in the world and it is continuing to decline. Of ~2.5 million women who become pregnant each year, ~370,000 develop fetal complications and die. Click is working with the largest NGO (BRAC) in Bangladesh and their thousands of health workers to provide risk screening, remote diagnosis, and continuous monitoring to improve mortality rates of mothers and children.

This project focuses on building next-generation mobile health service to streamline mobile-phone enabled health care from automatic risk-screening, mobile-attachable diagnostics, remote diagnosis to medical supply chain management. Student(s) will be working directly with top management team (CEO, CTO, and COO) of Click Diagnostics to design and implement the next-generation MNCH service.

Preferred relevant experiences:

Business development in India

Click will be replicating its successful programs and setting up a new office in India. This position is focused on defining business and project processes for India office operations. The successful candidate will spend ~2 weeks in Bangladesh office to capture best-practice business and mobile health processes to be replicated in India. Additionally, the candidate will help manage one of the maternal, newborn, and child healthcare pilots in Gujarat, India to experience first-hand the impact of their contribution to improving the lives of mothers and children. The candidate will be working directly with Click Diagnostics’ top management team, board members, advisory team members, as well as India country manager.

Preferred relevant experiences:

Qualifications, Preferences, Assets

Skills required include the following:

Technical skills: systems/process engineering, mechanical engineering, design, human computer interactions

Analytical skills: business process and service process improvements driving benefits of using mobile healthcare services (e.g. cost-savings, time-savings, improved quality of care and mortality rates)

Business skills: management, strategy, marketing and communications

No special language requirement

Time Constraints

Would welcome help from MIT students at any time.


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