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Work with a food production start-up in Kenya

Moringrow Bounty Investments

Mikinduri, Eastern Province, Kenya, East Africa


Moringrow Bounty Investments (Moringrow) is a legally registered Kenyan agricultural production business that produces high quality Moringa Oleifea leaf powder. In terms of food substitutes, 25g of dry moringa leaf powder contains the combined protein, calcium, iron, vitamin C and vitamin A of:

1 large banana (141 g) and;
1/2 cup whole milk (129 g) and;
1/3 cup orange juice (82 g) and;
1 small carrot (40 g) and;
20 groundnuts (peanuts, about 38 g)

Moringrow's goal is to be the first company to successfully scale the use of Moringa as a natural fortification agent for staple foods.

Moringrow operates a 6-acre moringa farm complete with drying facilities and milling plant in Mikinduri, Eastern province Kenya.

The Challenge

Morigrow's three founders are not currently located in Kenya, and as such are in need of a resident business manager or management team to implement business systems, run day to day operations at the milling plant and scale sales and operations within Kenya. The incumbent(s) will be in charge of working with the management team to oversee and implement business activities needed to develop the business inside Kenya. This will include implementing best agricultural production practices, working with local farmers to increase supply, securing sales contracts with Kenyan food manufacturers, ensuring adherence to government rules and regulations, and various other duties as needed to ensure the smooth operation of the business.

By working as a member of the management team, the incumbent(s) will gain an understanding of how to develop a business in a developing country and firsthand experience working in agriculture and development. In addition, travel, a living stipend and health insurance will be provided.

The founders expect that the successful student applicant would arrive in Kenya as soon as possible (at the latest in May 31, 2013) and stay for the duration of the summer or longer for graduating students. In the interim the successful applicant will be trained and brought up to speed by the founders in a series of weekly telephone meetings.

Depending upon performance, the successful applicant will be offered an equity stake in the company and a permanent position as Director of Kenyan Operations.

Qualifications, Preferences, and Assets

Time Constraints

The sooner a suitable candidate can be found the better. Moringrow management can take on and brief the new field team during the upcoming semester as needed.


Derek Brine, co-founder