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Calama, a city that recycles its waste


Calama, Chile


EcoMetales is a company focused on environmental solutions and metal recovery for the mining industry. Our plants are located in Calama, 1,600 kilometers north of Santiago. We specialize in the treatment of arsenic, antimony, and other impurities in the flue dust generated by the copper smelting furnaces in the area. We convert these impurities into a stable residue while recovering copper and other value metals.

Calama is an industrial city with 200, 000 inhabitants. Approximately one third of the total Chilean copper is produced in and around Calama.

The Challenge

Calama produces approximately three tons of garbage daily, about 100 tons monthly. Most of it is deposited in dumps and landfill. The highest percentage goes to authorized municipal deposits as well as public spaces, including the Atacama Desert.
The challenge is to engage the community through the Municipality of Calama in recycling trash, creating a clean and friendly city, and learning from other successful projects.

The project’s goal is to reduce waste in a sustainable way. A third party will finance collection, compaction, and subsequent freight in the region.

At EcoMetales, our challenge is to successfully engage the community and Municipality of Calama and encourage local residents in running the project.

Qualifications, Preferences, and Assets

We are looking for someone with a fresh perspective, someone who can generate a plan to encourage social engagement and community empowerment.

The person must have planning skills, systematic view of the city as a living system, knowledge about social participation, effective communication, and knowledge of recycling household waste practices.

Time Constraints

The support is welcome at all times, but particularly in the design of the proposal and its implementation.


Maria Jose Luque, Head of Communications
Phone: +56 9 223784157                         
Mailing Address:  Avda. Nueva de Lyon 72, piso 17, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

Alternative contact
Pablo Medina, Sustainability Manager
Phone: +56 55 232 0952 – 99987788     
Mailing Address: Camino Radomiro Tomic Km 16 1/2, Calama, Chile.    

Strategic ally: Municipality of Calama