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Website Design Internship for the Boston Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition

The Boston Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition


Through free tax preparation, education, advocacy, and asset building strategies, the Boston Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition aids Boston’s low-to moderate-income communities in accessing millions in unclaimed tax refund credits and dollars. The Coalition is a working partnership of non-profit and community based organizations, unions, educational institutions, key local businesses, and government agencies, which during the 2010 filing season brought $21.4 million in tax credits and refunds to Boston’s low-income taxpayers through free community based preparation.

The Coalition’s mission is to reduce poverty in the city of Boston by: (1) maximizing the impact of the EITC through free community based electronic tax preparation and education; (2) providing low-income taxpayers with strategies to build personal and community wealth; (3) advocating for fair and equitable tax law policies that benefit working families.

The Challenge

The Website Interns (two are needed) would be responsible for remodeling our current website or creating a new site design while continuing to maintain the current Coalition websites. This would involve creating a strategic plan for the website renovation, using the city’s web design software, and working with the Department of Innovation and Technology. Other specific tasks shall include, but not necessarily be limited to:

Qualifications, Preferences, and Assets

Previous experience with HTML and website design required.

Time constraints

Fall Semester; Spring Semester as well If possible


Brian Robinson
Operations Manager
Boston EITC Coalition
43 Hawkins St, Boston, MA 02114

PKG Center Support

This is a volunteer opportunity; however, MIT students who develop projects around these ideas may apply for support from the Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center's Internships program. Please check the program descriptions and deadlines and talk to program staff to determine which is most appropriate for your needs and project.

If you want to volunteer or you have funding from outside the PKG Center that enables you to work on this project, that's great! However, please do let us know if you work on a project you saw advertised here, even if you don't use our funds. And remember, the PKG Center staff are happy to advise on service projects even if we are not funding them ourselve

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