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Help build technical, organizational, or design resources for an emergency water-supply start-up in Chile

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" -Helen Keller

TOHL, Tubing Operations for Humanitarian Logistics

Nueva York 57, piso 3, Santiago Centro, Región Metropolitana, Chile


We need water. Conventional delivery solutions fail to provide water when it counts most: disaster relief, refugee camps, drought, wildfires. Trucks and airdrops are limited in quantity, costly, and waste energy. Conventional pipelines are no better: they are expensive, slow to install, and intrusive. TOHL is the answer. Using the longest pipe segments in the world, and a patent-pending helicopter installation technique, TOHL delivers water anywhere it's needed, over any terrain, at a fraction of the cost, environmental impact, and time. Additionally, TOHL efficiently removes and reuses pipelines.

TOHL was founded by four students of Georigia Tech, after the Haiti Earthquake in early 2010. There was plenty of water available at the port and airport, but the water could not be adequately delivered to the people in the city of Port-au-Prince, since there was not an adequate method of transport to connect the people to the source. Now, in Chile, after ten months of working full time, testing the technology, expanding the network, and finding the right applications, we can say TOHL's social benefits are clear: we save lives, preserve livelihoods, protect homes, and conserve resources. Mobile Infrastructure is the future!

The Challenge

TOHL is at a stage where we are experiencing tremendous growth. We need some outside help to assist in our efforts to move our organization to the next level. We need to conduct in depth engineering research in order to define the precise details of our products and services. We need the services that we offer to meet industry standards, and we need our sales team to be trained in order to know the limits of our systems (for instance, pump flow-rates, power ratings of our solar panels, details of our water purification systems, pricing, etc.)

TOHL also has various other items that we need assistance with right away. We need to revamp our website in order to communicate more clearly what we offer as a company. Right now, people are not able to see exactly what our products and services really are. We also need help with strategic marketing, so that we are selling our services in the most optimal way possible. We could use help with creating a more professional accounting system and financial model. Lastly, we need to begin to develop our organizational structure as a business in order to allow us to operate more efficiently.

Qualifications, Preferences, and Assets

The person who is selected should have a basic level of Spanish in order to be able to interact with citizens of Chile. Most Chileans do not speak English. TOHL has various positions that need to be filled and important tasks that need to be completed, due to the heavy growth that the organization is experiencing. We are looking for a person whose background and/or experience is in one of the following areas: engineering (various types), business management, finance, marketing, design, IT, or potentially others. There are many opportunities. Most of all, we are looking for someone who is highly-motivated, a problem-solver, a hard worker, and is ready for an exciting challenge and once in a lifetime opportunity to help TOHL grow into a flourishing organization.

Time constraints

TOHL has many projects that are long-term, intermediate-term, and short-term. No exact start/end dates are defined for this particular position. TOHL is a growing business and we are constantly looking for smart, motivated people, who are avid learners and are willing to add value to our business. Longer term positions are what we prefer, but there are certain tasks that are certainly more applicable to the shorter-term. We are interested in learning what your skills are and seeing how we may integrate your strengths into our organization.


Paula Nuche, Administrative Assistant of TOHL
Mailing Address: Nueva York 57, piso 3, Santiago Centro, Región Metropolitana, Chile
Cell +569 7899 4199 (Chile)

PKG Center Support

MIT students who develop projects around these ideas may apply for support from the Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center's Internships or Grants programs. You will first need to contact the community partners in Chile to develop your plans.

If you want to volunteer or you have funding from outside the PKG Center that enables you to work on this project, that's great! However, please do let us know if you work on a project you saw advertised here, even if you don't use our funds. And remember, the PKG Center staff are happy to advise on service projects even if we are not funding them ourselves.