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Develop features for free clinic electronic health records – software engineering

Vecna Cares

36 Cambridgepark Dr.
Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA).
The office is a two minute walk from the Alewife T station on the Red Line.


Vecna Cares, the nonprofit arm of Vecna Medical, promotes primary care in emerging and underserved areas worldwide by providing resources and technology for sustainable and scalable healthcare delivery.  Vecna Medical's software engineers donate intellectual property and up to 10% of their time to the Vecna Cares Charitable Trust.  The engineering team is developing and improving low-cost and easy-to-use technologies that connect patients with care and medication.  These solutions are making an impact on families and medical clinics around the world.

Vecna's CliniPAK™, the Clinical Patient Administration Kit, plays a key role in forwarding our global health and primary care initiatives. These units include rugged touchscreen tablets, cell phones, solar panels, and biometric devices to capture patient data for better reporting and better care. The CliniPAK is deployed in clinics and hospitals throughout Nigeria, Kenya and Zanzibar, supporting medical missions around the world and even providing electronic health records for free clinics in Massachusetts.

The Challenge

We are currently piloting our CliniPAK product in Worcester Free Health Clinics and are working with stakeholders to identify necessary improvements and create models that can then scale-up effectively.  New features may include immunization visualization, biometric patient identification, inventory control and laboratory workflow management.

The software engineer will work at the Vecna Cares headquarters in Cambridge and will act as part of the technical design team implementing the technology applications.  The internship will include visits to the clinic to gather requirements and map clinic workflow.  In addition, features completed will be immediately implemented including training and evaluation of feature impact.  The Intern will be responsible for helping to ensure that the product is functional, useful and effective for the users and help to set and achieve program and solution goals within budget and schedule.

The Intern will have the opportunity to work with a variety of web-based technologies, create and develop features on evolving products, and tackle challenges in real world healthcare delivery. The Intern will help to  deliver products and solutions in web-based and Android software, software-hardware integrations and mobile devices, which will then be turned around and used by patients and healthcare workers in the field within a matter of weeks.

Required skills

Time constraints

Internship is ten weeks with negotiable start and stop dates between late May and mid August, however we welcome help at any time.


Deborah Theobald
Executive Director
36 Cambridgepark Dr, Cambridge, MA 02144

Emily Wang
Product Manager
36 Cambridgepark Dr, Cambridge, MA 02144

PKG Center support

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