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Prototyping ICT healthcare solutions for urban Brazilian settings


Mogi das Cruzes – SP – Brazil


We are a group of three entrepreneurs dedicated to the mission of providing health care information to the poor. Mobile Health solutions are on the rise, however solutions targeting lower income segments with localized information are limited. VidaForte works to adapt existing and proven solutions to the needs of the market.

We are starting our operations in the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo, Brazil where the smartphone penetration is high and the availability of reliable healthcare information is low.

The Challenge

Between the months June and August, we are going to be on the ground working with a partner community in Mogi das Cruzes (Brazil) to identify the best approaches for using information technology to increase access to health care information. The challenge presented to the student is to create basic prototypes of smartphone applications based on existing and proven solutions but adapted to the Brazilian reality. That will be done through the application of cross-cultural skills and a deep understanding of the market to the needs of the Brazilian market.

The student will develop human-centered design, empathetic design, prototyping, user feedback skills and market research skills.

Qualifications, Preferences, and Assets

We want to find a passionate open-minded student willing to collaborate with a start-up social enterprise. Knowledge and experience with Android smartphone applications development are required.

The work will be developed in Portuguese but no previous knowledge is required, however interest in learning the language or previous knowledge might be helpful.

Time constraints

Project can last from 3 to 10 weeks between early-Jun and mid-August.


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