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Beyond the Infinite Newsletter

Summer 2015

“We aim to contribute to a fundamental change to the global equation on water and food. Together, and with the full might of MIT behind us, I believe that goal is within reach,” wrote MIT President L. Rafael Reif in the most recent issue of Spectrum.

Every year, the students who walk through our door make significant contributions to changing this equation through their desire to work with communities, their compassion and dedication, and their innovative ideas. In this issue, you’ll find stories on how sustainable agriculture can improve the value of the work done by small-scale farmers, how waste pickers can increase their revenue by transforming plastic waste into 3D printer filament, and how mobile applications can help people with disabilities improve their quality of life. While we can’t cover all of the great projects and initiatives our students do, we encourage you to take a look at our Program Updates to learn about the good they are doing at home and abroad.

PKG Center Program Updates

Through our programs, we provide encouragement, advice, logistical support, and funding to help students engage in meaningful and effective public service work in the local community, throughout the United States, and around the world. Click here to read about our latest updates!


Empowerment through mobile technology and co-design

MIT students improve the quality of life, safety, and independence of The Boston Home residents with InstaAid mobile application. Read more...


Social enterprises empower communities

MIT students launch social enterprises that work with communities to foster financial and environmental sustainability. Read more...


In the Press

Click here for a selection of news articles.

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