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Have you been awarded a Fellowship, Internship, or a Grant from the MIT Public Service Center? Have you participated in the MIT IDEAS Competition?

We rely on the generosity of our donors to sustain our Fellowships, Internships, Grants, Service Learning program, and the MIT IDEAS Competition. The transformative power of your public service project is best captured by your stories, your photos, and your videos.

Before you set out, please make sure you read the PSC Photo Video Responsibilities and Tips Guide . Also, download the MIT Photo Release form as a PDF or as a Word Document and turn it into the Public Service Center. If you have any pictures taken at your event or project, please pass them along to us for publicity use.

The Fine Print
The Public Service Center (PSC) strives to enhance the MIT learning experience by facilitating student service projects. Part of that learning process involves helping students to reflect upon their service experiences, as well as teaching them the importance of complying with program requirements. Each Public Service Center program has its own set of requirements.

If you follow the checklists and read the information packets given to you by the PSC for your project work, you should have no problem making sure that all requirements are met. Failure to complete pre-project paperwork and requirements may result in your funds being retracted. Lengthy delays in meeting follow-up requirements will have an impact on future funding requests. Failure to meet requirements will render you ineligible for future PSC funding until you complete the requirements.

If you are a student group receiving funding, the PSC requires that your treasurer be held personally responsible to turn in all required receipts, reports, pictures and other required materials.  If these requirements are not met, both the treasurer as an individual and the student organization as a whole, will be ineligible for future PSC funding until the requirements are completed.

You have up to two months after the end of your PSC-sponsored service project to submit eligible receipts for reimbursement. Receipts received after that time will not be reimbursed and students will need to absorb those expenses as a personal expense.

By participating in a PSC program or resource, you agree to act within ethical standards of behavior as a representative of MIT and the MIT Public Service Center.  Understand that violating MIT community standards constitutes cause to retract PSC funding and obligates you to repay any funds already received, and that you will be subject to referral to the MIT Committee on Discipline.

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