Four Weeks for America

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Four Weeks for America Challenge


This IAP, 20 MIT students are serving schools across the country! Students have been asked by teachers to help them do anything from creating experiments to make their biology lessons come to life, helping middle school math students understand various STEM professions, and building classroom data systems that will help teachers and students utilize classroom data. More information about their January projects will be available after students return from site.

The MIT Public Service Center and Teach For America have teamed up to offer MIT students an exciting challenge for IAP 2014. Spend your IAP solving problems that matter, learn about America’s education system, and make a difference for kids – all expenses paid*.

Ever wonder what it’s like to teach in a small, rural school? A big inner-city school? Want to inspire kids about science? Motivate them about math? Drive educational change? Have you wondered what Teach For America is like, and you don’t want to wait to find out?

Then apply to participate in the Four Weeks for America Challenge! Projects may include helping a teacher figure out how to:

  • Develop a math or science unit curriculum
  • Perform data analysis on classroom performance
  • Research tools to increase impact in the classroom

Interested? Challenged? Excited? We are too!
Read more about the expectations and timeline for the program.

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*The Small Print: The PSC will pay for your travel expenses, give you a food stipend, and help with materials expenses if they are needed. Teach For America will arrange for your work and your accommodations (which likely means sleeping on the couch or in the guest room of the teacher you are working with).