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Four Weeks for America Challenge

Information — IAP 2014

Students who participate in the Four Weeks for America Challenge will be asked to work closely with a Teach for America host teacher to create a helpful project for the classroom. This communication will begin once you are accepted into the program in November and then you will be dedicated to bringing the project to life fulltime during the four weeks of IAP. You will not be teaching but rather creating a project that will have a sustainable impact beyond your four weeks. You will experience the life your host teacher leads by sleeping on his or her couch, spending the day in school, and participating in his or her afterschool activities.

Here are some expectations and dates to keep in mind:

-You must be available October 30 or 31 for daytime interviews.

-Selected students will be notified of a host teacher match on Friday, November 1 and given until Friday, November 8 to accept the position.

-Students should make initial contact with host teachers by Friday, November 15 to start planning for IAP.

-Students must attend an evening training session on Tuesday, December 3 in order to prepare for the program and review the necessary paperwork. Grant paperwork to cover your travel expenses and food stipend will be due by Wednesday, December 4.

-Students should communicate with host teachers to brainstorm project ideas and begin researching before IAP in order to hit the ground running in January.

-Confirm your travel information with your host teacher no later than Friday, December 6. Be sure to pick a flight at a time when he or she can pick you up at the airport!

-During IAP, check in weekly with the Public Service Center.

-Attend a reflection dinner and complete a feedback survey on Wednesday, February 5.