Four Weeks for America

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Four Weeks for America Program

Information — IAP 2016

Students who participate in the Four Weeks for America Challenge will be asked to work closely with a Teach for America host teacher to create a helpful project for the classroom. Your communication with the teacher will begin once you are accepted into the program in November. During IAP, you will be dedicated to bringing the project to life in consultation with your partner teacher. Your project will also be shaped by your experience of daily classroom observations and teacher assistance. You will not be teaching but rather assisting your teacher in the classroom and creating a project that will have a sustainable impact beyond your four weeks. You will experience the life your host teacher leads by sleeping on his or her couch, spending the day in school, and participating in his or her afterschool activities. Teaching is more than a “full-time” job and you’ll likely spend the entire day with your teacher from the time he or she goes to school, to after dinner grading and lesson planning.

Program Details & Expectations

  • Students must attend all four mandatory training sessions (dates below)
  • To participate in the program, all necessary paperwork must be submitted at our headquarters in room 4-104 (date below)
  • Regular student and teacher communication should begin well before January. This communications should involve
    • Project planning
    • Confirmation of travel plans and accomodations (i.e. make sure partner teachers can pick you up from the airport, etc.)
  • Once at site, students are required to check-in weekly with the PSC program administrator, and to complete a weekly reflection exercise
  • Student must attend the post-service reflection dinner (date below)


Application & Program Timeline

Monday, September 28, 7 pm Info Session, Room 8-205
Tuesday, October 13, 12 pm Applications Due
Friday, October 16 Invitations to Interview Sent
Monday -- Thursday, October 19-22 Interviews at Scheduled Times
Monday, October 26 Placement Offers Sent
Sunday, November 1, 12 pm Acceptance of Placement Deadline
Wednesday, November 4 First Mandatory Training
Before Monday, November 9, 5 pm Paperwork, Flight Details, Contact Information, and other logistics
Wednesday, November 11, 7:30 pm Second Mandatory Program Training
Mid-November First Communication with Partner Teacher
November to Early-December Two Other Mandatory Trainings
January 2-3 Flight to Placement Site
January 4-29 IAP Service Program Dates
January 30 - January 31 Flight Back to Campus
February 9 Final Reflection Dinner