Four Weeks for America

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Four Weeks for America Program

Information — IAP 2017

Check back soon for program details for FWFA IAP 2017.

Program Details & Expectations

  • Students must attend all four mandatory training sessions (dates below)
  • To participate in the program, all necessary paperwork must be submitted at our headquarters in room 4-104 (date below)
  • Regular student and teacher communication should begin well before January. This communications should involve
    • Project planning
    • Confirmation of travel plans and accomodations (i.e. make sure partner teachers can pick you up from the airport, etc.)
  • Once at site, students are required to check-in weekly with the PKG Center program administrator, and to complete a weekly reflection exercise
  • Student must attend the post-service reflection dinner (date below)

Application & Program Timeline

Dates for FWFA IAP 2017 coming soon...