Service Learning


What is service learning?

Service learning involves the integration of academically relevant service projects into course curricula.

What are the benefits of the service learning pedagogy?

When done well, service learning has been known to:

  • Motivate students
  • Develop creativity

How do I find a good service learning project?

You should begin by reviewing the course learning objectives and assignments. Identify an assignment that could be replaced a service project, brainstorm possible projects, and reach out to the community to find an organization that would benefit from students' work. Remember that service learning projects should never compromise, but only enrich, learning.

The service learning staff is happy to work with you throughout this process.

How do I meet course learning objectives through a service learning project?

Any service learning project should exercise skills and knowledge taught within a class.

What happens if students don't complete their service learning project?

The Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center offers multiple mechanisms from grants to the IDEAS Competition that enable to continue their project work.

How do I form a good relationship with the community partner?

Good community partnerships depend upon clear expectations at the outset, communication throughout the course, and proper follow-up and evaluation. The service learning staff is available to help you think through how to structure and support your community partner relationships.

Are there any opportunities for students to continue with their projects after the course is completed?

Yes! All of the following mechanisms are available to help students continue with their work: