Service Learning

What makes a good service learning project?

  • Real community need: students want to know their hard work is making a difference and are motivated by projects that communities truly need.
  • Academic relevance: service learning students make profound contributions and learn the most when a project is well aligned with their course learning objectives.

    What makes a service learning project academically relevant? First, it is not simply a volunteer project, but a project that requires intellectual effort. Second, students apply their course learning as they tackle the project. Fortunately, we offer many courses at MIT and, thus, many different projects can work within the context of service learning at MIT.

    Check out class and project examples to learn more.
  • Invested community partners who are willing and able to give students regular feedback as they work make all the difference. Community members are experts on community challenges and best positioned to help get students up-to-speed. Through regular feedback community partners can help students keep their project on track and make sure their final product successfully meets the community's needs.

Still have questions? Don't worry! The service learning staff is here to help connect a class with the right sort of project.

Want to propose a project? Please email the following information to our Service Learning Coordinator (

  • Organization name
  • Organization address
  • Organization phone number and fax
  • Brief organization description (50 to 100 words)
  • Contact name
  • Contact phone number
  • Contact email
  • Brief project description (100-200 words)