Service Learning

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Service learning is a great way to fulfill your academic responsibilities while acting on your passions; and it is an opportunity to get valuable, real-world, resume-building experience while making a difference in the world.

There are many ways to create a service learning class. You can begin by working with a professor to refashion a single assignment into a service learning project – an academically equivalent project, which also benefits a community partner. For example, for the final paper in a general writing class, your professor may let you write a grant or publicity materials for a community partner.

If there is a particular class in which service learning would work well, you can brainstorm possible service learning projects and ask your professor whether she or he would like help developing a service learning component to his/her class. Working together, you can flesh out the project and reach out to community partners.

Need some inspiration?

Click here for a list of class and project examples.

Want help?

The service learning staff is available to help think through all aspects of creating a class, including funding!

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