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Freshman Urban Program (FUP)

2014 Coordinator Application

Program Description

The Freshman Urban Program (FUP) is a service-focused community-exploring program aimed at introducing freshmen to MIT and to life in an urban college environment. Participants have the opportunity to get to know each other, MIT staff, and their counselors through fun and focused public service activities. Besides acclimating incoming students to their new environment, FUP enables them to explore and begin to understand the needs of the Cambridge/Boston communities, and the role that students can play in meeting these needs through leadership and service. FUP is an Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center program.

Coordinator Expectations

The FUP Coordinator positions are wonderful leadership opportunities. Two coordinators work with PKG Center staff to plan and lead the program. Coordinators must be continuing their studies at MIT in the fall semester. This means that rising MIT sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students are all eligible.

This year we will be looking to closely align activities to the mission and spirit of FUP, and to continue improvements on past programming. Coordinators should be leaders that are eager to improve the program, open to making changes, and not afraid to take risks!

Coordinators will have the support of PKG Center staff and approximately 10-12 upperclassman counselors who assist with student interaction and development. Counselor applications will be accepted in February 2014.

The coordinator commitment starts in spring semester 2014, when coordinators will work with PKG Center staff to review applications and interview potential counselors (February), organize counselor trainings (March/April), and plan FUP alum community service reunions (March, April or May). Coordinators will spend approximately 25 hours on these activities over the spring semester.

During summer 2014, coordinators will work closely with PKG Center staff to plan the logistics of the FUP program, and a commitment of at least 10 hours a week is required for each coordinator, as is attendance at weekly check-in meetings. It is strongly preferred that both coordinators are on or near campus over the summer to be able to attend check-in meetings in person.

It is expected that FUP 2014 will be held during freshman pre-orientation, and coordinators are expected to have no other time commitments during this period, as well as the week and a half prior during which time coordinators pull together final logistics and lead counselor training.

Applications are due Friday, November 29.

Interviews will be held on December 9-10, and selections will be made before the end of fall semester.

Questions? Email fup-staff@mit.edu.