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Freshman Urban Program (FUP)

Counselor Application

Program Description

The Freshman Urban Program (FUP) is a service-focused, community-exploring program aimed at introducing freshmen to MIT and to life in an urban college environment. Participants have the opportunity to get to know each other and their counselors through fun and focused public service activities. Besides acclimating incoming students to their new environment, FUP enables them to explore and begin to understand the needs of the Cambridge/Boston communities, and the role that students can play in meeting these needs through leadership and service. FUP is an Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center program.


In cooperation with the Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center (PKG Center), FUP is planned and led by two student co-coordinators who were selected in December 2013. Congratulations to this year's FUP co-coordinators: Kristina Presing and Yongquan Lu. The FUP planning staff, which also includes Kelsey Boivin of the PKG Center, can be reached at fup-staff@mit.edu.

Counselor Expectations

Counselors contribute to the planning and logistics, but their main focus is student interaction and development. All counselors and the coordinators are required to attend the spring training sessions to be held in April/May. The trainings will be spent participating in bonding activities, defining and developing the 2014 FUP program, and having fun! In addition to spring trainings, all counselors must attend the intensive pre-FUP counselor training, so they should plan to be back on campus by August 15 or so [exact dates are still TBD]. Counselors are expected to have no other time commitments during this time period. The PKG Center can request residence hall "early returns" if needed. No prior experience with FUP is required to be considered for a Counselor position.

Applications are due Tuesday, February 17, 2014, at 5 p.m. Interviews will be held the week of February 24, 2014, and counselor selections will be made by March 3, 2014.

Questions? Email fup-staff@mit.edu.