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Giving Tree

To Participate

Pick up gift label(s) from the Public Service Center's 4-104 office beginning Friday, Nov. 22.

You will receive a gift label with the name and/or gender, age, and in most cases, the gift request of the child. The label will also include the name of the sponsoring agency. Do not lose this label! You will need to secure it to your gift so that we can make sure it is given to the proper child. Please DO NOT wrap your gift.

You can sponsor a child’s gift request individually, or participate in a group with friends or co-workers. You can work in teams of any size to purchase one gift or 20! The size of your group and the number of gifts that you sponsor is up to you – the most important thing is that you give something.

Once you have decided on your donation, and made a pledge to the PSC, you will receive a gift tag with the child’s name, age, and gift request. If you are working in a group that is sponsoring more than five gift requests, the PSC in cooperation with the COOP will provide funding for a wrapping party! These parties will defer some costs associated with wrapping gifts, but more importantly will offer groups the opportunity to celebrate as a community around your donation with cider and goodies!

Donation Timeline

The MIT Giving Tree will kick off before Thanksgiving Break, and gifts will be collected until the week before final exams:

  • Drop off your gift in 4-104, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday, November 22 to December 16.
  • If you’re giving as a group and would like to host a “wrapping party,” please inform the Public Service Center by December 4 to coordinate funding.
If your child did not request a specific gift or you are having trouble finding a specific gift, please buy a different age-appropriate gift. The suggested monetary range for gifts is $15-$25. While you may be able to afford more, please remember that most of these children will open their gifts among one another, at their agencies. It may be difficult for a child to receive a $15 gift while the child next to her receives a very expensive gift. Please keep this in mind when making your purchase.

Please note: we have been asked not to donate violence-themed toys, such as toy weapons, war figures or war games.

Questions? Email mitgivingtree@mit.edu.

No time to shop? We'll do it for you! Monetary donations are accepted;
Checks should be made out to MIT and postmarked no later than December 10:

MIT Giving Tree
Public Service Center, 4-104
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139