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MIT Alumni & Parents

MIT students are amazing — you know that from personal experience. Share their adventures by supporting their public service work, whether it's in your home community, at MIT, or halfway around the world from you. There are so many ways to participate, wherever you are. Here are just a few ideas….

Make a donation to the PSC. Create capacity in MIT students and in communities simultaneously. MIT students are changing the world, and you can be part of the progress.

Inform us about work in your community that MIT students can tackle, whether you live in San Francisco, Sri Lanka, or Senegal. MIT students can only apply their ingenuity to issues they know about — so help us all learn. Suggest a challenging service project for MIT students to work on. Student projects range from inventing a new village-level solar collection system in Lesotho to establishing a new hands-on science program in Cambridge. We are always seeking new community organizations for service projects or community-service work-study jobs. Do you know of teachers at a local school who could benefit from MIT student assistance? Let us know!

Mentor and advise students and teams undertaking a public service project. Work directly with students as an advisor, mentor, or consultant: in person or via email, at MIT or in the field, for a class project or for an independent individual or group project. Maybe your knowledge of local conditions and needs will enable us to send an MIT student Fellow or Intern to build capacity for a community organization or school in your area. Students need general guidance, patent and venture capital advice, marketing savvy, technical advice, and thoughts on technical projects. MIT students can do anything — with your help. Let us know how you want to participate. Sponsor a service externship during IAP.

Serve as a local welcoming committee for students doing service in your city. If we send a student your way, perhaps you can help them figure out where to stay safely, or share a meal with them, or offer them some practical advice. Getting to know MIT students is a wonderful way to stay in touch with MIT.

Spread the word out about PSC programs and student accomplishments at your local alumni club. Work with us to arrange for MIT student service leaders or a member our staff to present at your next alumni club gathering. It’s a great way to learn more about the great service projects and accomplishments of MIT students and to learn more about how your club members can get involved with public service at MIT.

Work with PSC staff on our growth and development. Do innovation and entrepreneurship excite you? Join the IDEAS Global Challenge volunteer staff and give students feedback on their initial proposals in writing or in person. We'd like to offer you a chance to shape the future, MIT-style.

The possibilities are endless. Get in touch with us, and start today!