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Sponsor a service externship during IAP

Bring the best and brightest MIT students into your workplace by volunteering to be an Externship Sponsor! The Externship Program is looking for alumni sponsors for the 2010 Externship Program. This program is a great opportunity to connect with current MIT students, to gain access to summer interns and future employees for your company, and to increase student awareness of your company and industry. Externships take place during the Independent Activities Period (IAP), January 4-29, 2010. You can host an extern for one, two, or all four weeks of IAP.

This year the IAP Externship Program is partnering with the Public Service Center to promote externships to students with work-study requirements as part of their financial aid. Students participating in externships with non-profit organizations like yours can be paid for their work if they are a part of the Community Service Work-Study program.

All students would be invited to apply for your externship, if the matched student fulfils work-study requirements, that student can be paid from work-study for their externship with you.  If your student match is not a work-study student, none of this would be relevant. 

75% of the student's stipend will be provided by the Federal work-study program with a requested 25% contribution from the externship sponsor organization. A typical contribution would be $120 a week ($12 x 40 hours x .25); although exceptions can be made if a financial contribution would be a hardship for an organization.

If you would like to participate in this partnership, your externship will be specially advertised to MIT students who are eligible for work-study during the application period. Please contact Katie Maloney, MIT Externship Program, at kcasey@mit.edu with any questions and to ensure that your opportunity to designated as eligible for work-study.

For more information about being an Externship Sponsor, visit the Externship web site: http://alum.mit.edu/externships.