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MIT Staff

Volunteering is great for the community and for your personal development!  Find an opportunity that allows you to utilize your skills, increase your competencies, and explore a passion for giving back to the community.  The The MIT Work-Life Center has more tips on balancing your work and personal life.

Whether you choose to volunteer on-campus or off, determine what community issue matters most to you and then go out there and make a difference.

Volunteering on-campus

There are many ways to get involved in public service here at MIT. Some examples include mentoring and advising a student service group; participating in Giving Tree, an annual holiday gift drive that benefits over 600 area children; becoming a member of the team of volunteers who help run the IDEAS Competition, the annual public service as innovation event; or get involved with Community Giving at MIT which strengthens our local community through philanthropy activities.

Volunteering off-campus

If you are interested in volunteering in the community, there are endless possibilities for making a difference. To keep updated on the latest opportunities, sign up for the weekly e-bulletin of community service opportunities sent every Wednesday by the MIT Public Service Center.

These external sites can also connect your volunteering interests with the needs of the community:

Volunteer Match has opportunities near MIT and around the nation.
Volunteer Solutions has many local opportunities.
Idealist has local and international opportunities.
People Making a Difference has excellent one-time projects for individuals.
Serve Net has resources for volunteers.

Contact volunteering@mit.edu if you’d like to set up an individual consultation on how to find a volunteer opportunity that’s right for you.