Staff member

Linden McEntire
Community Engagement Administrator

What's your role at the PSC?

As the Community Employment Coordinator, I help students find or create opportunities to work off-campus, especially with non-profit organizations through community service work-study. Students can work locally during the term and around the country when school is not in session. I also run the Student Leaders in Service program, which enables students to receive an Americorps Education Award for completing 300 hours of service in a year.

What drew you to work for the PSC?

I’ve had several jobs that involved volunteer management, and I found that I really enjoy working with people who are committed to community service. They’re usually a dedicated and quirky group! When I was looking to move to Boston, a position with the PSC was a great fit because it combines what I like to do with an amazing university atmosphere. Who doesn’t want to go back to college?

If you could travel anywhere in the world to take part in a service project, where would you want to go and why?

It may be the influence of what I do every day, but I would stay right here. I like experiencing new parts of Cambridge and Boston when I volunteer, like the beautiful Kelleher Rose Garden in the Back Bay Fens that I might never have discovered otherwise!

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