Adam Boyles, Music Director

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The first European tour in MITSO's history took place in the last 10 days of May 2000. The orchestra presented four highly acclaimed performances in important venues in Prague, Brno (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary) and Vienna (Austria). A performance in Prague's National House, arranged by special invitation from the Czech Nuclear Society, honored ten years of Czech-American nuclear cooperation and symbolized Czech-American friendship. The event was part of a formal celebration naming Prague as the Principal Cultural Capital of Europe in the millenial year.

--> Photos from the Eastern Europe tour

The MIT Symphony Orchestra undertook a second European tour from May 28 through June 5, 2002. MITSO performed at King's College Chapel in Cambridge (England), at St. John's, Smith Square in London and at the principal venue of the Bath International Music Festival. The tour concert program featured MIT Professor Peter Child's Jubal, Penderecki's Viola Concerto with MIT Professor Marcus Thompson as soloist, and Mahler's Symphony No. 1. Organized by Perform America, the tour was sponsored in part by the Cambridge-MIT Institute.

--> Photos from the Cambridge UK tour

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